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Hiring A Digital Forensics Expert

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When to Call a Computer Forensics Specialist

In nearly all litigation these days, there is some evidence on a computer. Have you considered this for your case? If you haven't, you should. But don't panic. Bring in a seasoned computer forensics specialist sooner rather than later, and you can save valuable time and money; not to mention legal wrangling.


Intuition is a powerful force that deserves your respect. If your gut is nagging at you, suspecting that some legal issues may be afoot, it's worth checking out. And it's literally never "too soon" to call in a qualified computer forensics expert. Doing so may speed up the legal process, and help clarify facts and issues from the get-go that may influence your case later on. In fact, the earlier an expert is brought in, the more helpful we can be.

Is there a downside to calling your computer forensics expert right away? We're hard pressed to think of one, perhaps just the confirmation that you have a legal battle ahead. But that would have been the case whether or not you called us first! Even in that worst case scenario, computer forensics can smooth or even shorten the rough road you anticipate. In the best scenario, we can help clients avoid court altogether. We've discovered many a "smoking gun" in the discovery phase that put an abrupt end to the proceedings.

What's the downside to not calling computer forensics experts first? Evidence may be lost that could support your case. If you've even considered litigation, your first consideration should be to preserve evidence. Don't even touch an evidence computer until you've spoken to a forensics specialist. Worried we'll come in and stop business operations in their tracks? No need. We quickly archive data to preserve a snapshot of every potential piece of evidence. Bringing us in when you first suspect a problem means you have a qualified guide in navigating even the first few crucial steps of the electronic discovery process. It's an opportunity to avoid pitfalls that would otherwise harm your case, and gain valuable insight into the facts.

Sometimes we're brought in early enough that we can deliver excellent advice or recommendations without even touching a computer. Sounds strange, we know. But a thoughtful conversation leveraging decades of experience can often dispel a client's concerns. And in situations where squaring off in court seems unavoidable, we're right there with expert advice. We help clients anticipate challenges and face them down with the very best evidence available.

So if you've got butterflies, chances are you're about to wade into the ESI (electronically stored evidence) jungle. Call or e-mail us first, because every step counts. Especially the first one!

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Jon Berryhill
President & CEO
Berryhill Computer Forensics, Inc.

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