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What is computer forensics?

Computer forensics is the collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer-related evidence. Computer evidence can be useful in criminal cases, civil disputes, and human resources/employment proceedings.

Far more information is retained on a computer than most people realize. It's also more difficult to completely remove information than is generally thought. For these reasons (and many more), computer forensics can often find evidence of, or even completely recover, lost or deleted information, even if it was intentionally deleted.

Berryhill Computer Forensics has a proven track record of excellence in computer forensics — electronic evidence recovery, analysis and expert witness testimony. We work for attorneys, investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement, government agencies, and corporate security / human resources in both civil and criminal proceedings. In many cases, the computer forensic evidence we discover provides the crucial evidence needed for a successful outcome. Often, solid computer evidence is instrumental in bringing about a swift conclusion to a case. We have analyzed more than 9500 pieces of electronic media in over 1015 cases. Many cases settle out of court once the computer evidence is presented. When a case does go to trial, we are unmatched in our skill and experience at presenting computer evidence in clear terms to judges and juries. Our principal has been certified to testify as an expert in military, state, and federal court 47 times and been deposed as an expert 24 times.

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