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Computer Forensics in Law Enforcement

If there is a computer on the premises of a crime scene, the chances are very good that there is valuable evidence on that computer. If the computer and its contents are examined (even if very briefly) by anyone other than a trained and experienced computer forensics specialist, the usefulness and credibility of that evidence will be tainted.

If you currently have computer evidence that you have seized as part of an investigation and you are unsure how to proceed, please contact us. We will gladly provide a short consultation at no charge to your department. More in-depth assistance can range from consultation to hands-on help with all steps of the process.

If you anticipate seizing a computer or computer evidence, and do not have the services of a computer forensics specialist, we can provide valuable advice and help on all steps of the process: affidavit and warrant preparation, search and seizure, analysis and court presentation.

Our Support to Law Enforcement

Berryhill Computer Forensics has provided extensive support to law enforcement agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels. Case types have included credit card theft, tax fraud, immigration fraud, arson, homicide, child pornography and others.

Our background in law enforcement combined with our expertise in computer forensics makes us the perfect solution for your computer evidence problems.

Choosing a computer forensics specialist for a criminal case

When a criminal case is involved, think about computer forensics just as you would any other forensic science and look for a corresponding level of expertise. Choosing a Computer Forensics Specialist.

image of a handgun - you've been trained to handle this -- with image of computer -- what about this?

Choosing a Computer Forensics Specialist