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This issue's HOT TOPIC

Getting fleeced by a computer forensics expert?

What would Jon do? Download our Free Critical Checklist: Protect your firm from being fleeced by a computer forensics expert.

Most Honorable Mention

Lo Jack

How Lo Jack Works:
Once registered and activated on a laptop, it can track the laptop each time it accesses the Internet. If a registered "Lo Jack" laptop is stolen and then used on the Internet, it can easily be tracked.

Beware! Big brother, urr … um … I mean Lo Jack is watching!
Recently, Lo Jack had been installed on a laptop that was later stolen. The laptop was tracked through Lo Jack to a judge's chambers. After questioning, that judge admitted to buying the laptop "from some schmuck in the parking lot " … at least that's the judge's version of the story!


This quarter's HOT TOPIC is one you can't afford to miss!

Recently our firm was brought into a case where the opposing counsel had retained a computer forensic expert. After the work was complete, questions began to surface regarding the quality of the work and the value received for the cost.

During the initial telephone call, information regarding this "expert's" work process and work product started to raise giant red flags for us. We went to the location where the computer forensics "expert" had gathered evidence. We counted the computers, noted the size of the hard drives, and analyzed the scope of work.

Since that initial phone call, what we discovered has been rather alarming: exaggerated fees, unsupported conclusions, exaggerated hours per task, opinions not supported by the facts, and the list goes on!

Ultimately, this "expert" billed over $100,000 for computer forensics services that should have required about 10–20 hours of work. While their hourly rates were within the average range for the industry, they pumped up the amount of time and the number of employees required to complete the job.

To protect your firm from being fleeced by a computer forensics "expert," read the HOT TOPIC Critical Checklist: Don't Get Fleeced! As a bonus, we have included a standard chart of typical or common computer forensic services, and corresponding amounts of time usually needed to complete each task.

If you are involved in a case in which a computer forensics firm has been hired by opposing counsel, give us a call. Protect your clients and your firm's reputation; don't allow shoddy computer forensics work to damage your case.

Jon Berryhill
President & CEO
Berryhill Computer Forensics, Inc.

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Don't Get Fleeced!

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