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Notice: The Voom HardCopy II has been replaced by the new and improved HardCopy III

Voom HardCopy II

We have tested the HardCopy II and were so impressed that we have added it to our own equipment inventory. In our years of experience we have never seen a faster way to image evidence hard drives. Below are some real-world test results. This is a tool that should be in the kit of every forensic computer examiner.

The review posted on VOOM's website is a good review, but we had several questions that it did not answer. The solution was to run our own tests.

Evidence Drive
Image Time
Transfer Rate
Maxtor 30GB 3.5" 5400rpm
Hitachi 30GB 2.5" 4800rpm
WD 120GB 7200rpm
WD 250GB SATA 7200rpm
Wipe WD 250GB 7200rpm

The time to image a drive depends on many factors. Using our existing lab tools the WD 250GB drive was imaged in EnCase in 3:01:00 (1.38GB/min). HardCopyII cut that time in half! As drives get bigger and faster HardCopyII will keep up. It can support transfer rates up to 5.5GB/min. Nothing else is easier or faster, and there is a SCSI version, too.

Voom Technologies Hard Copy II

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