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Computer Forensics Assistance to Human Resources/Employment Proceedings

Computer forensics analysis is becoming increasingly useful to businesses. Computers can contain evidence in many types of human resources proceedings, including sexual harassment suits, allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination claims, and others. Evidence can be found in electronic mail systems, on network servers, and on individual employees' computers. However, due to the ease with which computer data can be manipulated, if the search and analysis are not performed by a trained computer forensics specialist, it could likely be thrown out of court.

Employer Safeguard Program

As computers become more prevalent in businesses, employers must safeguard critical business information. An unfortunate concern today is the possibility that data could be damaged, destroyed or misappropriated by a discontented individual. Our Employer Safeguard Program (ESP) is designed to protect employers in the event that an individual's employment must be terminated for cause. Before an individual is informed of their termination, a computer forensic specialist would come on-site and create an exact duplicate of the data on the individual's computer. In this way, should the employee choose to do anything to that data before leaving, the employer is protected. Damaged or deleted data can be replaced, and evidence can be recovered to show what occurred. This method can also be used to bolster an employer's case showing the removal of proprietary information, or to protect the employer from false charges made by the employee.

Choosing a computer forensics specialist for a civil case

When you need a computer forensics specialist, look for expertise and experience not only in computer forensics, but also in court. Choosing a Computer Forensics Specialist.



Choosing a Computer Forensics Specialist