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We provide computer forensics services to attorneys, private investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement/government agencies, corporations and small businesses. We have the expertise and experience to properly handle evidence in criminal and civil cases. Our facilities are alarmed to secure your most sensitive material.


  • Consultation on search and seizure procedures
  • Consultation/assistance on search warrant preparation and execution
  • On-site acquisition of electronic data
  • Processing transported evidence in our lab


  • Exact image copies of hard drives, floppy disks and other magnetic or optical media, using court-proven hardware and software
  • Computer password cracking
  • Keyword searches
  • Document and financial data extraction
  • Analysis of Internet usage and searches
  • Analysis of electronic mail
  • Computer Data Recovery
    • hard drive recovery
    • recovery of accidentally or intentionally deleted data
    • recovery of data from cell phones and PDAs
    • recovery of removable media
  • Determination of event timelines, when possible
    (e.g., date of document deletion, e-mail, etc.)


Documentation and data returned in a variety of formats (e.g., CDs, DVDs, removable disks, external hard drives, and/or on paper depending on the needs of the client)

  • Experienced expert witness testimony provided in municipal, state, federal, and military courts.

Computer Forensics in Law Enforcement

Also see "Employer Safeguard Program," Computer Forensics in Human Resources / Employment Proceedings

"Right after your deposition, the plaintiff's attorney substantially dropped their demand, and then came down even more. So, the case has settled assuming the city council approves the settlement. Thanks for your good work, and I look forward to another opportunity." — Attorney

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