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d3 News: Expert Witness

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Do You Like Surprises?

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Most Honorable Mention

Is Your Expert Well-Seasoned?

Recently, the leadership team at Berryhill Computer Forensics discovered that the first chapter of a current computer forensics textbook contained several pages of content directly plagiarized from our Web site … content that the Internet Archive Wayback Machine proves was on our site over 10 years ago. Other "experts" have also plagiarized from our Web site.

Make sure your expert is a true original. Having a qualified, case-and-courtroom-seasoned computer forensics expert on your side will give you the advantage every time.


Although you may have never brought a computer forensics expert into a case, you have absolutely no control over whether opposing counsel will.

If opposing counsel involves a computer forensics analyst as an expert, do you know what they might find on your client's computer? Do you know what line of questions to ask their expert during the deposition?

Even if you have never needed an expert to analyze computer data, it can really pay to have one in your corner. They can identify flaws in the other expert's deposition or testimony and suggest a line of questioning that is most appropriate.

Recently, we were asked to sit in on a deposition involving the opposing counsel's computer forensics expert. As a direct result of the line of questioning we suggested, opposing counsel withdrew their first computer forensics expert, followed by a second, before the case ever went to trial.

In another recent court case, opposing counsel's entire case literally crumbled while there computer forensics expert was testifying on the stand. The line of questioning we suggested caused their expert's testimony to unravel — with their expert openly admitting his final report and expert findings were not accurate.

Download and read this HOT TOPIC Critical Checklist: Having a Qualified Expert on Your Side. This will help you to be better prepared to respond accordingly, and not get caught by surprise.

Call or e-mail us to discuss current case issues or to share recommendations on how to protect your clients when opposing counsel declares their computer forensics expert.

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Jon Berryhill
President & CEO
Berryhill Computer Forensics, Inc.

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